Shred Capital provides financing solutions for all manner of early stage companies, from across the innovation spectrum.

This includes companies working hard to crack exciting new problems in:

  • AI / ML
  • Cleantech
  • Healthcare
  • SaaS
  • Games
  • XR

And so far, we have engaged with fast-growing companies in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and the eastern provinces.

Our best work comes when we align with startups getting ready to raise their Series A. Whether you are a first-time founder or a veteran coming back for your third or fourth venture, that first big raise happens across a constantly changing landscape… and one that is best navigated when you can tap into the widest range of expertise and available solution sets.

That’s where we come in.

We’ve been starters, founders, investors and advisors to companies just like yours, and come equipped with not just ideas but ready-made solutions that will quickly help you move ahead.

Let's Get Started

Time waits for no one…and that’s twice as true when you’re ready to build your game.

If you’re ready to accelerate the growth of your studio – of maybe incept one for the very first time – drop us a line at or pick up the phone 604.774.3456