Join the open call to the game venture acceleration program that has already brought more than $6.5 Million funding to new and veteran studios alike.

Sponsored by the Alberta government, we are looking to create cohorts of game producers and take you from conceptualizing your product to production and building publisher relations. Learn more and apply below!


who you are

You are a committed founder who has the team and the technology to unleash the next great game that will rock the world…either overnight or one day at a time. And you have made the personal commitment to make this dream a reality.

Who We Are

That’s us too!

We have built and grown game studios with products ranging from PC to console to mobile, from VR to AR to the N-Gage.

…yes, even the N-Gage.

We’ve had hits, we’ve had misses, we’ve had big moments and small, and we’ve enjoyed the thrill that come with the launch of each game.

And that means we know just how important those first months of strategy and planning can be. The difference between super success and ignominious failure is often decided in the very earliest stages of building your business… not your game.

Our Team

What We Do

We’re here to help.

Scaffold provides full-on training in the art and science of building your game business, always with a laser focus on what the market is buying, what investors are funding, and where the technical curve is likely to bend.

We are at our best when working side-by-side with passionate founders who are taking their first or (ideally) second swing at creating a game-changing game business.

You know your game better than anyone else, but the best business might be a bit more of a mystery. That’s where we come in! We provide the business scaffolding that will unlock the right kind of opportunity just when your company needs it the most.

How we do it

We approach the business of games a little differently

Unlike some other accelerators, we aren’t going to grab a big chunk of equity for helping you polish your pitch deck.

Instead the team at Scaffold Games works alongside you and your crew to help push the business side of your game to the next level.

Maybe it’s negotiating the right deal with the right publisher.

Maybe it’s optimizing the alphabet soup of tax credits (SR&ED, IDMTC, etc).

Maybe it’s grabbing a chunk of non-dilutive financing via programs like the Canada Media Fund.

Maybe it’s filing for a patent for something uber-cool.

Maybe it’s none of these… but our goal is to work with our partners to structure the best long-term financing solutions for your company.

What clients say

Let's Get Started

Time waits for no one…and that’s twice as true when you’re ready to build your game.

If you’re ready to accelerate the growth of your studio – of maybe incept one for the very first time – drop us a line at or pick up the phone 403.679.3082