Your brand isn’t what you say it is – it’s what other people say about you. Here’s what a few of our clients have had to say about working with Shred Capital:

Coal Car Studio Ltd.

Shred Capital have been a fantastic partner to work with on various grant applications over the past year. Their expertise and willingness to help has demystified the grant writing process and have made it approachable. I felt significantly more confident with the applications that Shred were a part of.

Digscount Media Inc.

If you’re looking for another out of touch, big, old, scary Venture Capital firm – then don’t contact Shred. From the start they made me feel at ease, and it was very clear they knew technology. They are super professional, helpful, and it’s always pedal down going for great results.

Eden Industries Inc.

SHRED Capital has been amazing to work with, as their knowledge, efficiency, and experience has made a process (applying for government funding) actually seem possible compared with the nightmarish, labyrinthine ordeal it previously seemed to be. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Fresh Tracks

Shred helped identify the exact pathway we needed to take to make our application successful, and then put the pressure on us to make sure we followed through.

Pounse Web Solutions Inc.

When you’re a startup founder, you wear a lot of hats, and spend half your time learning what you don’t know. Applying for a grant was one of those unknowns that Shred Capital mentored me from start to success with a team of experts that put me and my startup first. Very excited to work with Shred in 2022.

Stormgate Games Ltd.

It has and continues to be a pleasure working with Matt, Denis and all the individuals at Shred Capital. They are incredibly knowledgeable and have been there for us anytime we require assistance or advise and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate our work schedules. We highly recommend Shred to individuals and companies requiring exceptional expertise in the sector. We truly look forward to having a long term business partnership with Shred Capital.

Wayfinder Ventures Inc.

As a solo entrepreneur Shred Capital has been instrumental in helping distill my vision. With a strong team of writers, thinkers, and developers their passion for trying something new, mixed with their understanding and insights of the digital/gaming space has made for a refreshing collaboration.

Strawberry Fields

The associates at Shred Capital have been welcoming, available and supportive in so many essential facets of our company’s startup stages. Your team brings decades of knowledge in entrepreneurship, business development, public financing, tax leveraging, revenue modeling, partnership development and investor strategy — and just as importantly, a sense of deep commitment — to complement our own creative vision and technical innovation. Together with Shred Capital, our company can present a solid set of skills, experience, reputability and startup capital, demonstrating to public and private partners the viability of both the ideas, and the implementation

Orgmatch Inc.

Working with Shred Capital allowed us to access new funding sources with expert guidance. Startups looking to grow fast can benefit significantly by partnering with Shred, just like we have.


As a first time founder of a software start-up, having experienced, knowledgeable, kind, and professional advisors is critical for any chance of success. The team at Shred Capital not only are all of these attributes listed above, they also really care about your start-up and have been so helpful at every step. From helping to fine tune our software to applying for government grants and loans to applying for SR&ED tax credits, to referring experts in tax and legal, well, they know it all. I recommend anyone, who has a great idea or a great product to run, not walk to meeting the team at Shred Capital. Special mention to Matt Toner who has been an incredible mentor to me and to our company.

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